HAKIDASHI4 solves simultaneous equations by Gaussian elimination. It has the following features.

  1. Up to 9 simultaneous equations (nine-way linear systems) can be solved.
  2. In addition to the calculation results, the calculation process is output.
  3. You can include variables in the expression; both $2x + y = 0$ and $ax + by = c$ are valid expressions.
  4. Expressions are output in TeX format. Thus, they can be copied and pasted into MathType or MS Word.
  5. Calculation results will be deleted from the server after 12 hours. Please save the calculation results.

If your equation does not contain variables or if you have fewer than three equations, we recommend using Wolfram Alpha. This is a very good tool, but the free version is limited in computation time. If you want to calculate equations that include variables for free, we recommend HAKIDASHI4.


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